Diana Butova

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Scamming scenario : The photos and name are stolen from a real person who does not have any relation to scam


First Name: Diana
Location: Ukraine, Mariupol'
Age: 29
Birth Date: 21-03-1985

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Be careful with this one! You might think she's beautiful, and she's indeed on the surface. When you contact her, she'll answer you back quickly. And if you go along and want to meet her up in real life she'll propose a place such as the capital of even a foreign country. This is because the girl likes travelling, and shopping with you. Of course you won't get anything back, not even a small gesture of affection, I guess because she thinks she's so pretty that the world doesn't diserve her, and you are only one step to "success". So please take my advice, I'd love to have read it somewhere before, save some $$ and spend them on you. And when you choose someone, just don't go only for the looks as I did :( . Also look for something between the ears, if she's a model in Ukraine it's very likely she lives in a dream and doesn't know anything about how the real world works. They are waiting to be discovered by Calvin Klein agency, to model in NY, and have dinner in London, without even working a little bit hard.
Just educate these people by ignoring them. This is not a bunch of lies, contact me if in doubt.
You can find her profile in or anastasia, maybe other

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